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Onsite Network supply, support and maintenance. High bandwidth solutions, wireless LANS, VPNs and more.
We can supply various wireless solutions. Security audits available. Wireless networks of up to 17km range have been installed.
We can supply the connection, hardware and software as well as monitoring software if required.
Secure networks
(Firewall's etc)
We are experienced at protecting internal networks from the internet (we have to be as an ISP/hosting company!)
Email solutions

Whatever your requirements we can assist. From local mail servers with redundancy if your connection fails to ant-virus and webmail solutions to normal online pop boxes.

For example: You could enable your entire network to send and receive mail without granting access to web pages.

Servers and workstations supplied and maintained. Network audit and reporting available.
Web development
See the ISP/hosting page
See the ISP/hosting page
'Off site' backup
See MirrorServers.co.uk


northampton it on site support and network maintenance

With our network greatly underperforming in terms of speed, so you were commissioned to conduct a survey into the root causes for this. These were quickly identified and correctly configured through a network upgrade with new switches, cabling and networkcards.

Since these changes have been made, We have noticed a significant increase in performance to our network and would recommend you to any other company that is experiencing similar problems.

Glenn Nightingale - Ambivent



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